Indika (ancient Greek name for India) was started by Shanta Narayan in 1999 on
her return to India after many years overseas. Her deep love for furniture and eye for detail has made Indika a special place to collect classical and unusual furniture.

Based in Chennai, Indika offers Vintage, Colonial, and antique furniture in
premium wood such as Teakwood, Rosewood and other Tropical hardwoods.

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In the process of restoration not only are forgotten craft forms brought to light but also many old furniture items restored with an eye to contemporary function and usage.
– The Hindu

Each piece of furniture of Shanta Narayan’s collection has an old world charm about it.
– The Hindu, Metro Plus

Indika Creations specialises in the restoration of old furniture of contemporary lifestyles
– Inside Outside

Step into indika creations and you step back into a time when much pain and effort was put in to making even simple pieces of furniture in to pieces of art..

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